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Sherman Oaks Homeowners’ Association Newsletter
January, 2019

General Meeting, Feb 12

President Brian Walker and the Directors invite SOHA members to a general meeting on Tuesday, February 12, 6-8 PM in the ground floor fellowship hall of Cahaba Springs Church, 6110 Deerfoot Parkway for a time of fellowship and discussion of common neighborhood concerns. We look forward to seeing you there.

Call for Directors

The SOHA BOD consists of 5–15 directors, currently 12 are serving, and terms are two years, renewable. We meet 3–4 times a year. Any SOHA member in good standing is invited to serve. Directors enjoy the opportunity to meet neighbors and contribute to Sherman Oaks quality of life. If you would like to serve, please contact secretary George Fritsma at and provide your name and full contact information.

Volunteer Association Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

The SOHA Directors plan to purchase Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) liability insurance. D&O insurance is a good business practice and is purchased by most companies and non-profits, as lawsuits may be directed against not only corporations but also some or all of all its individual directors. D&O insurance covers potential attorney costs, court costs, and possible awards if the suit is found to have merit.

Street Parking

Residents often contact SOHA directors to express concern about vehicles parked on our streets. Trussville’s Ordinance 2017-037-PZ states: “All residential and agricultural zoning districts in the City of Trussville require a minimum of two (2) off-street parking spaces. However, provisions shall be made by the owner or occupant of each residential or agricultural unit to park all vehicles belonging to residents of the household with the confines of their property, and not on the public right of way.”

The Trussville Police and Sherman Oaks residents are reasonable about enforcement. Although the ordinance seems to imply that residents may never park vehicles on the street, no one complains about occasional overnights. It’s only when vehicles are chronically “stored” on the right-of-way that residents grow concerned about driving safety, the safety of school children, convenience, and appearance. This is not a widespread neighborhood problem, but if you are in a position where you don’t have enough private parking for your vehicles on your property, please make arrangements. Perhaps a neighbor has space, or there is public parking nearby. If you are concerned about parking, please contact a SOHA director or the Trussville Police and provide specifics.

Palm Street Gate

Parks and Recreation officials recently removed the security gates at the north and south Trussville Sport Complex entrances. These gates had previously been closed each night between 11 PM and 6 AM. The Palm street gate, which belongs to SOHA, remains, but it’s no longer being closed. The SOHA Directors are convinced that our gate adds a measure of nighttime security to our neighborhood and has inquired of the city commissioner in charge and the director of Parks and Recreation to ask them to resume closing the gate between 11 and 6. We hope to have an answer we can report at our February 12 meeting.

Message Board

BOD Secretary George Fritsma keeps our entryway message board current but often runs out of good ideas. The message board belongs to our members, so if you have a message you’d like to see there, please send it to George at It has to be short enough for drivers to read, but we’d happily post yard sales, birth announcements, school and city information, or anything of general interest to SOHA members. Our web site address appears on the board, and currently there is a “suggestion” to keep our speeds to 25 mph.

Residential Review Committee

The SOHA Directors invite you to join our Residential Review Committee (RRC), whose job is to ensure SOHA members’ compliance to our Covenant, in particular the requirements provided in sections IV and V, Maintenance Requirements and Vehicles, respectively. SOHA residents are generally happy to comply, especially at a time when our home values continue to rise. The subdivision’s appearance is a key to our investment, and any member in good standing is welcome to serve.

Residential Review Committee Process

At our September 11, 2018 members’ meeting we presented the 2018 Covenant Amendment, which was ratified by a majority vote of our members by mail ballot due September 28. The Amendment was filed with Jefferson County Probate in October. Visit our web site, to see the document. During the September meeting, one of our members recommended we provide an implementation policy. Following discussion and advice from our attorney, this policy was adopted at our January 8, 2019 Board of Directors meeting:

  1. The SOHA Residential Review Committee (RRC) shall notify the member of any maintenance or vehicular violation of a SOHA Covenant restriction. Notification shall be provided in the form of a printed letter delivered to the physical address of the owner or resident. The letter shall specify that the violation be corrected by a specified date.
  2. If there is a violation of a Trussville city ordinance, the SOHA RRC shall simultaneously notify the Trussville clerk or police of the violation.
  3. If the member fails to respond by the specified deadline, the violation shall be referred to SOHA counsel for legal resolution at member expense.

Deadlines are reasonable and appropriate to the violation. Most concerns arise when members notify the BOD or RRC of a potential violation. When such a concern is communicated, RRC members and the SOHA BOD take pains to conceal the originating member’s identity, thus avoiding potential discordance among neighbors.

2018 Financial Report

Your December 31, 2018 financial summary appears on the next page. December was an excellent dues collection month and altogether we’ve now collected dues from 130 of 146 households—89.04%. This is a good response for a homeowners’ association, however we continue to strive for 100% response as our members remain committed to the beauty of our entrance and neighborhood. For this purpose, at the advice of our attorney, we have adopted the following dues collection policy.

  1. Dues, assessments, and late fees shall be established on the basis of SOHA budgeted expenses annually by the SOHA board of directors (BOD).
  2. A printed or electronic Treasurer’s dues and assessments notice shall be distributed to each SOHA member in January; payment required by April 30.
  3. The Treasurer shall distribute a second printed or electronic “past due” dues and assessments notice specifying a late fee to delinquent SOHA members in May, payment is required by June 30.
  4. Subsequent delinquencies shall be forwarded for collection at member’s expense.

Our 2019 dues remain a modest $135 per year. You received your 2019 notice on or around January 10. Thanks to our members for cheerfully meeting their obligations, and thanks to our Directors and volunteers for maintaining the beauty and quality of our entrance and our neighborhood.

Sherman Oaks Homeowners’ Association December 31, 2018 Financial Summary


Balance 1-1-18


Dues collected from 130 of 146 households—89.04%


Donations by a resident for “job well done”


Jug lights prepared for resident


Certificate of deposit interest


Total Income



Entrance Expenses

Entrance utilities: Alabama Power, Trussville Water


Entrance lawn maintenance


Entrance landscaping: chemicals, shrubs, ground cover, repairs


Entrance decorating (Second 1/2 payment): Holiday Lights & Design, 2017


Entrance decorating (First 1/2 payment): Holiday Lights & Design, 2018


Entrance oaks pruning: Harris Tree Service


Entrance sprinkler repair: V. Wood


Entrance flag


Entrance electrical supplies


Entrance expense total:




Additional Expenses


Renew web site


Office supplies, stationary, letters for message board


Post Office box rental, stamps


Trussville Civic Center meeting room


Cahaba Springs Church meeting rooms (X4) donation


Massey Stotser Associate Michael Brymer legal consultation: 2018 covenant


Attorney William Bright legal consultation


Judge of probate lien releases


Bookkeeping service


Additional expense total



Total expenses


Balance 12-31-18




Legal reserve balance


Christmas decorating reserve balance


Total reserves




Balance less reserves



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