Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, Trussville, Alabama 


Contact the Board
Please SEND US YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS so we may contact you for future releases on updates and events. The mailing address for Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association is P.O. Box 400,
Trussville, AL 35173-0400

Drive Safely – Make a conscious effort to observe the “rules of the road”, and drive safely. The speed limit for Sherman Oaks is 25 MPH.

Along with the joys of pet ownership comes responsibility. One of these responsibilities is to be sure that you do not infringe on you neighbor’s happiness by neglecting your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Unsecured Dogs – Homeowners are encouraged to call The City of Trussville to report unsecured dogs. The City has leash laws which mandate securing dogs.

Barking Dogs – No one enjoys the sound of a dog continuously barking. The City of Trussville has a noise ordinance that addresses continuously barking dogs. Please do your part in assuring that your animal is in compliance with applicable regulations.
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